Thursday, September 2, 2010

MyVi Perodua - A Malaysian Car

Standing 1.3-liter engine, the "Perodua MyVi" remains the first choice when it comes to purchasing a car. Especially at the entrance, most of the "Malay" seems to address this model. I drive myself. And I'll tell you what it's like to drive themselves, after three months.

I think that's the price of RM40, 000 (giving and receiving) for a small car like this is a bit too expensive. But, the more points of MyVi spacious inside its compartments. The interior can even respond to a huge foot-6, I think. Your head will never hit the roof more disadvantages.

Driving Experience at the "MyVi like driving a Mini Cooper" (I have never gone back) is. Steering, it is to turn more effectively, with little of its size. Speaking of the size of the car is to park it relatively easy. Personally, I do not think need to change gears from reverse to drive more than doubled. I think the biggest advantage of a 1.3-liter car, may have the advantage of small size (not the decent power).

You need every 350-400 km for RM60 (give and take "fill petrol RON95). Always busy Overdrive application only when necessary, take the tire inflate 220kPa, with the" MyVi "" most of the time on the road, what some of the practices, the statistics are, the price tag is RM60 fuel. For part of overdrive, the car is driven 00-60 miles per hour (Overdrive off). More than speed, I was still running on overdrive. The long lines you can use your "save a lot of MyVi. Driving a great distance, like 200 km non-stop refers to a road, half of your tank.

Accelerated "MyVi is more" bad. "As he works on the automatic transmission, which could explain. But in most cases I find that the transition to the" OD off means a ton. And I do not rely on this for passing cars. An automatic car is a little more comfort and is suitable for road trips and traffic jams. Note that I was driving cars with manual transmission 1.3-liter displacement, where the acceleration is force major.

Overall for the price, comfort, manoeuvrability and performance, it makes sense to pass a test to take on "MyVi. He has to understand his own reasons for one of the top national car here in Malaysia. Although I will never, the motto says on the back that “builds cars People First.

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